PoeMovies is dedicated to creating accurate film renditions of Poe’s classic short stories and poems as well as other works of classic literature.

It is our intent to bring the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe to life in a manner that is visually engaging, true to the original story, of high production value and an effective teaching tool for all levels of education. Our goal is to plant the seeds of interest in literature into the minds of our young and to elicit a dialogue between them and their educators.

The first film, The Cask of Amontillado was the recipient of a 2013 Emmy® Award and The Raven just recently received its own Emmy® Award in 2015. Both films are distributed to educational facilities across the United States and Canada in DVD and digital formats for download and streaming.

If you are interested in supporting these projects or want to know more you can send an email to info@poemovies.com

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